Mold Inspections

When mold growth is evident inside homes or buildings, the cause must be identified and corrected and the mold contamination removed and remediated as quickly as possible in a safe and effective manner.

A mold inspection is required to identify whether there is in fact a mold issue in the home or building, and if there is, it must identify all the contributing factors causing the mold contamination, this is the most important initial step to avoid the dangers of further exposure for occupants. An inspection process must start with an interview or discussion with the occupants, particularly if they are at risk of mold related illness or respiratory illness.

Contributing moisture problems can be difficult to locate and identify, as mold can grow in wall cavities, under carpets, above ceiling tiles, in subfloor areas, within air conditioning systems, as well as other locations not readily visible. It is important that the water or moisture sources be identified and controlled before mold growth becomes a significant problem and to ensure that an effective remediation plan is implemented.