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    Quality Services of Mold Removal

    Residential Services

    In the home, mold damage can be particularly difficult to permanently remove. Without a qualified technician doing the work, the mold may not be completely removed, or it may simply grow back in a matter of months.

    Commercial Services

    In addition to causing major business disruption, a mold problem could pose a significant health risk to people exposed to your commercial property. Minor water intrusions, such as a slow roof leak, may cause mold.

    Common Mold Problem Areas

    Floors and Baseboards

    Mold can hide behind baseboards and flooring, usually caused by previous flooding or high humidity in the building.

    HVAC Systems

    In HVAC systems, mold is also the cause of asthma, allergies, coughing, and headache.


    Poor exhaust ventilation and sink/tub overflow getting under floors and into walls are common causes of mold and mildew in bathrooms.

    Windows and Doors

    Condensation induces mold in or near screens. Leaks around frames and bad or damaged caulking can also contribute.

    Black Mold

    As all types of mold, black mold feeds on organic materials found in your homes, such as drywall, carpet, subfloor wood and insulation.

    Leaky Roof / Attic & Walls

    In certain situations, the mold in the attic or inside the structural walls is caused by the problem of the roof. Other factors can include insufficient ventilation or inadequate ventilation from exhaust fans.

    Damp Basement / Crawl Space

    Basements and ramps are typical mold areas due to lack of sunshine, ventilation and sometimes high humidity levels.

    Mold Remediation in Knoxville

    If are concerned about mold in your home or business, don't take any chances. Your health and safety could be at stake. Call us now.

    Indoors and outdoors, mold is found to grow in areas of moisture. Unfortunately, this also means that it will spread easily around your home or office.
    The removal of mold or the remediation of mold is the method of removing mold and treating surfaces and products that have been infected. The methods used to extract the mold differ depending on the form of mold in the home and the nature of its impact on the materials.
    Knoxvillemold Specialist provides mold remediation services for homes and businesses in Knoxville, TN. Our specialists will identify and remove all mold from the premises and preserve and fix all mold-damaged goods.

    Thorough Cleanup

    We handle mold-damaged properties as if they were our own. Our remediation experts are using the latest technologies to classify both the mold and the moisture source that feeds it.


    We keep your insurance agent updated at every phase of the cleaning process to ensure that everyone involved knows what’s going on and what to expect.

    We Have the Resources

    We have the tools, personnel and professional know-how not only to get the job done right but also to meet your standards for remediation of property damage.

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    Frequantly Asked Questions

    What is mold?

    It’s a type of fungus. These tiny organisms may be black, white, orange, green, or purple, and live almost anywhere inside or outside.

    Are molds a major cause of building sickness?

    Molds can be a major source of disease building, but not the only potential cause. Other problems may cause the building of sickness.

    What can I do to prevent mold?

    Create a non-friendly environment for low humidity mold spores. Fix your house’s roof leaks, plumbing devices, and walls.

    How does mold grow inside a building?

    Outdoor molds usually enter the house eight through the air or through people, animals or other materials that have moved inside the building. The mold spores are tiny and can only be visible under a microscope.

    Is mold dangerous to me or my family?

    Some people are more sensitive to mold spores than others and may have a variety of reactions. It’s best to discuss any symptoms with your doctor, just like any other allergy.

    How is mold growth detected?

    The inspectors perform sampling either by using an air sampling device, which is then analyzed for the specific type of mold and the quantity of spores found in comparison to the outside environment.

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